AV Installation Test Solution

AVI Installations

Teleconference systems play a significant role in today’s connected world, allowing companies to communicate seamlessly across continents. Proper system alignment, delivering consistent speech levels and excellent intelligibly is a key success factor for the installing company. 

The conference participants expect that they be allowed to concentrate on the business topics at hand and not be distracted by any inadequacies or failures in the communication system. NTi Audio equipment provides you with the tools to align the systems and rooms with excellence and confidence.



  • Installing conference and tele-presence systems
  • Commissioning, tuning, optimizing, verification, periodic performance check and maintenance of audio-acoustic installations
  • Measuring acoustic characteristics and insulation of the conference and adjoining rooms



  • Handheld solution with separate devices for sound source and analysis allows you to quickly measure many positions in the room.
  • TalkBox offers a calibrated sound source for objective simulation of persons speaking into a microphone.
  • Verify speech intelligibility STIPA at each seat in the conference room.
  • All measurement results are stored to the XL2 SD Card for documentation.

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