Calibration and Verification of Cinemas

Public Cinema sound has to be so much better than the incredible sound experiences of Home Cinemas in order to encourage audiences to come to the movies. The NTi Audio Cinema Meter is the tool you need to achieve this.

Modern soundtracks can create a totally engaging experience that immerses and thrills the audience, but only if the speaker system is setup correctly. NTi Audio provides a handheld solution for complete calibration and verification of cinema sound systems.


  • Calibration, periodic performance checks and maintenance of loudspeaker systems in professional cinemas
  • Comparing measurement results against standardized X-Curve with pass/fail indication according to ISO 2969 or SMPTE ST 202:2010 standards
  • Fine-tuning individual preferences for optimized performance


  • Handheld and compact design for portable applications
  • All results are stored to SD Card for documentation.
  • Calibrated audio-acoustic measurement system

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