Installed Sound & Evac Test Solution

Teaser Installed Sound

Clarity of sound and intelligibility of speech are the most important factors for successful installation of audio-acoustic systems in large commercial spaces, multi-purpose public rooms, teleconference systems, auditoriums, airports, train stations and stadiums.

NTi Audio provides contractors and audio engineers with a comprehensive handheld solution set of diagnostic and measurements tools for installing, commissioning and troubleshooting such environments so that the conference PA system produces acceptable levels of intelligibility of speech, the background music is audible and at a pleasant level and, most critically, announcement and emergency messages are loud and clear wherever you may be located in the building.


  • Commissioning, verification, periodic performance checks and troubleshooting of electro-acoustic installations including 70/100V systems
  • Confirm compliance with system specifications and regulations such as IEC 60849, EN 54-24
  • Measure speech intelligibility STIPA in accordance with the IEC 60268-16 standard


  • Handheld and compact design for field applications
  • Stores all test results to SD Card for documentation
  • Improved efficiency with dedicated measurements utilizing user-defined start-up profiles and appending test results to previous data records
  • Calibrated audio and acoustic measurement system

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