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Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale (2024)

Have you ever considered that having the best violin can help you become a better violinist? You’re probably aware that a talented player can bring out the best in an instrument, but the contrary is also true. A good violin will allow you to generate the best sound with the least amount of effort, allowing you to concentrate on the music.

Instruments of higher quality allow you to develop more organically, but violins of lower quality might hamper playability and make development more difficult.

Details on the top violin brands, reviews of beginning, intermediate, and professional violins, an electric violin guide, and much more can be found here.

This website contains a variety of information to assist you in making an informed decision when buying a violin for yourself or your child.


Best Violin Reviews

The violin is an acoustic instrument that has been around for a long time. It has a distinct sound not only among musical instruments but also within the string family to which it belongs. Its lovely tone has a long and illustrious history stretching back centuries. You may still hear it today in a wide spectrum of classical and symphonic music, as well as current genres such as bluegrass and country, pop, and classical crossover/new age music. Today’s popular solo artists include classical violinist/conductor André Rieu and Josua Bell, as well as a slew of other pop new age musicians who can be found on YouTube and in PBS music programs.

The violin’s tone is like a poem. It’s frequently described as “divine.” To play the violin with efficiency and develop a steady sound production, it takes a lot of practice. The very first note you try to play will sound nothing like the violins you’ve heard on the radio or in concerts. It’ll sound like you’re scratching your head. The violin features some of the most unusual ways of holding and playing the instrument, making it a difficult chore until you master it. With practice and determination, the awkwardness fades as the violin becomes more ingrained in your body.

As you begin to learn more about the violin, you’ll notice that it’s an instrument that takes a lot of attention and upkeep. Take a look at how diligently a violinist takes care of their instrument. From handling and carrying to tuning and playing, you can see how much care they put into their violin.

Once you begin playing the violin, you will realize how much your fellow musicians, band and orchestra members, as well as your friends and family, appreciate you. You’ll be welcomed into a prestigious musical community. As you practice, take lessons, and, of course, attend and play in symphony and ensemble events, you and your violin will form a virtual friendship. First and foremost, you must select your violin.

Best Violin for Beginners

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

The Stentor 1500 model is a superb instrument for beginner players. Stentor is one of the best student violin companies. This model creates a good tone, is easy to play, and is frequently suggested as the best student violin by violin instructors.

It has a fine-grained solid spruce top, a solid maple back, with full ebony fittings and is handcrafted. It has a hardwood chin rest, a nylon tailpiece loop, red label strings, and a four-tuner alloy tailpiece.

With its quality and structure, this model is one of the greatest violins for beginners for the money. Setting up the bridge and tuning the instrument may be tricky for beginners, but it should be simple for expert players.

It’s a resonant instrument that holds its tuning far better than other low-cost models in this price range. It also includes a horsehair bow with an ebony frog, rosin, and a lightweight case.

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])Due to their playability, Cremona is regarded for creating some of the best violins for beginners. Having a simpler experience dealing with the instrument will inspire new musicians to continue improving their skills.

Strings Magazine recommends this particular model as a suitable choice for a first or second violin. It has excellent sound, playability, and craftsmanship, especially considering its price.

It has a superb tone quality for the violin beginner or expert learner. Because of its tone in comparison to its affordability, this model is the most popular of the brand’s starter violins. Warm, resonant, and balanced tones can be produced with this violin.

The model is made of solid maple and hand-carved solid spruce that has been varnished in a red-brown color. It has ebony fittings in the Swiss style, as well as an ebony fingerboard with a lightweight tailpiece for simpler tuning. It includes a chin rest in the Stradivarius style, a luxury Brazilwood bow, and an oblong case.

  • Knilling 114VN Sebastian London Violin Review

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])Knilling is also regarded as one of the greatest violin brands for beginners by violin teachers, and it is one of the world’s major producers of student string instruments.

To ensure superb sound quality, easy tuning, and practical playing, these instruments are crafted with premium materials and craftsmanship, as well as high-grade components. The Knilling 114VN model is a fantastic violin for beginners because it is an economical instrument that can be tuned easily even by beginning players.

The violin has an even grain spruce top, solid carved maple back, maple neck, scroll, and ribs, and is fully carved and graduated for a great tone. It has ebony pegs, fingerboard, and saddle, as well as built-in tuners and D’Addario Prelude steel-core strings.

This model contains a genuine white horsehair Brazilwood bow with ebony frog and rosin, making it the best beginner violin to set up and play. A shaped case with a zippered cover, a fully lined interior with a matching blanket, two bow holders, and an accessories section are also included.

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])The Cecilio CVN-500 is a model that has been approved by instructors and is appropriate for intermediate violinists as well as more serious and dedicated novices. The top is made of hand-carved solid spruce, with hand-carved flamed maple for the back, neck, and sides. It is strung with D’Addario Prelude Strings and has a satin antique finish.

It has an ebony fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, and chin rest, as well as nickel-plated fine tuners. The fine tuners and strings are of high quality, and the model tunes quite well for a student violin, according to users.

This beginner’s violin requires no more setup beyond tuning. The bridge is in the appropriate place, the tuners are wound, and the string height is perfect. The fingerboard and simplicity of playability are other popular features among buyers

The Cecilio CVN-500 violin comes with a Cecilio chromatic tuner, lesson book, and metronome, making it one of the best beginner violins for serious players. The rosin cake, additional bridge, shoulder rest, hard case, and two Brazilwood bows with Mongolian horsehair are also included.

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])With a solid hand-carved one-piece maple back, maple neck, maple sides, and a solid hand-carved spruce top with a varnish finish, the Mendini MV500 is a high-quality starter violin. It has four fine tuners with an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece.

In terms of appearance, this model is one of the most impressive student violins, rivaling the looks of more sophisticated string instruments. The bridge is already in place when the unit arrives. After initial use, it gradually opens up its tone, and it can stay in tune for weeks.

The MV500 comes with a Cecilio 92D string tuner with metronome, two Brazilwood bows with unbleached Mongolian horsehair, two bridges, rosin cake, additional strings, a shoulder rest, and a lightweight protective case, making it one of the best beginner violins to buy.

Best Intermediate Violin Reviews

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

The Scott Cao 4/4 Violin is a model that is highly recommended for intermediate players searching for an upgrade or even serious beginners with a more flexible budget. Scott Cao instruments are renowned for their rich tones and superb craftsmanship.

This figure is totally carved and varnished by hand. The top is made of spruce, and the fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs are made of ebony. Fine tuners are incorporated into the tailpiece, and the violin comes with Thomastik Dominant strings.

In terms of sound quality, it’s one of Scott Cao’s best intermediate violins, and the sound only gets better with time, approaching that of a high-quality full-size model.

It’s a breeze to play, and if you go for the 3/4 it is especially for folks with smaller hands who find 4/4 violins difficult. A Brazilwood bow and a carrying case are included with the set.

  • Johannes Kohr K500 Violin Review

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])Johannes Kohr violins are among the best student instruments available anywhere. The K500 violin model is a well-made intermediate violin that is simple to play. Because this renowned violin is noted for its remarkable tone, this model is a best-seller in the business.

It has a flamed maple back and a glossy red-brown body that was hand-crafted and hand-varnished. It has maple sides and a solid spruce top with genuine ebony fittings.

The sound of the lower strings is rich and dark, while the top tones are pleasant and gentle, in addition to its lovely appearance.

A Brazilwood natural horsehair bow, contoured hardshell case, rosin cake, and Dominant strings are included with the Kohr K500 outfit.

  • Louis Carpini G2 Violin Review

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

The Louis Carpini G2 violin is a step up from the Carpini G3 violin. It is one of the most popular adult violin outfits, and it is manufactured with even more select maple and spruce tone woods than the previous model.

Even seasoned players and instructors are thrilled by the G2 and recommend it as an intermediate violin for beginners.

To generate a warmer and more refined sound, the Carpini G2 model is strung with professional steel-core D’Addario Prelude Strings, which resonate clearly across all tones.

The violin is made from solid hand-carved maple and spruce with genuine ebony fittings. It features a hand-rubbed oil-based finish with a warm red-brown color. The unit includes a hand-crafted Aubert bridge that is customized to fit each instrument.

The model comes included with a high-quality bow and rosin. It is one of the best instruments for its price point to offer such quality, detail, durability, and fine craftsmanship.

  • Ricard Bunnel G1 Violin Review

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

The Bunnel G1 is the brand’s most popular violin, and it’s a great choice for beginner to advanced students. Professional enhancements from the Bunnel G2 model are included, and experts praise the sound as pleasant and powerful.

The G1 projects its sound quite effectively, and it comes with documentation in the form of a checklist and the date of the professional set-up performed prior to packaging.

This type has a rich, dark oil-based finish and is built of solid hand-carved maple and spruce with ebony fittings.

Bunnel violins are equipped with a custom-fit French Aubert bridge that is properly set for easy playability. It also comes with easy-to-turn pegs and excellent tuners. The package includes a bow, Kaplan dark rosin, and an extra set of D’Addario Prelude strings.

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])Cremona has a long history as a prominent manufacturer of high-quality instruments, and the Cremona Artist series violins are ideal for advanced students.

The Cremona SV-600 has an improved feel and tone, according to Strings Magazine, and it provides more than enough tone quality and appearance for experienced pupils. In addition to being well-designed, the violin is lightweight and simple to set up.

The SV-600 is hand-carved from the finest tonewoods to provide a tone that is both rich and powerful.

The elegantly built instrument provides a powerful yet clear and pleasant tone with its Dominant strings. It’s made of hand-carved solid spruce and highly flamed maple. A beautiful hand-applied red-orange varnish completes the look.

The unit features Swiss-style ebony fittings with an ebony fingerboard. The model features a Stradivarius-style chin rest, deluxe Brazilwood bow, and oblong case.

Best Professional Violin Reviews

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

Yamaha is well-known as a prominent manufacturer of high-quality musical instruments of various kinds. They’re also known for making some of the greatest professional violins on the market. These models are handcrafted using only premium instruments and traditional processes.

The craftsmanship of the Yamaha Model 5 is exceptional, and it is practically free of defects or imperfections. The violin is simple to learn and play, with a beautiful and mellow sound.

Despite the fact that it is referred to as a “student instrument” by some, it is of the calibre that expert musicians would expect for their own requirements.

The Yamaha 5 features a solid carved spruce top, solid carved maple back and sides, an ebony fingerboard, rosewood tuning pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece.

It has four fine tuners and Prelude strings included. A lightweight Cordura-covered container, a Brazilwood bow, and rosin are included in the package.

D Z Strad is also known for making high-quality violin models, like the D Z Strad Maestro Stradi, which is ideal for professional solo and ensemble performances.

It has a robust and rich voice and provides a refined sound that opens with color and depth. This model’s tone is exceptional, and it stands out as a significant upgrade for people who are used to starting versions.

The violin’s quality is also best for learning players in making rapid development. This professional violin is designed for violinists who are serious about continuing to perform for many years.

Aged European tonewoods, including naturally seasoned spruce from the Italian Alps, are used to construct the model. It’s entirely handcrafted and oil-varnished by hand.

The model comes with high-quality accessories, including a hand-carved tailpiece, chin rest, and pegs. A Bricks Pilot case, rosin, carbon fiber bow, and Pernambuco wood bow are included in the set.

  • Snow SV400 Violin Review

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])The purpose of snow instruments is to make purchasing violins easier. The top-of-the-line models are handcrafted by skilled luthiers with the discerning violinist in mind.

Even skilled violinists are occasionally taken aback by the rich tone of this well-crafted instrument. It has a pleasing look and a consistent, powerful tone. The SV400 has a deep enhanced-flame maple back and an Italian spruce top.

It has a well-designed fingerboard and high-quality ebony pegs that are carefully fitted. All Snow violins are finished with an Italian antique varnish that is rubbed on by hand.

The model’s blend of quality and cost is one of its strongest features. Because of the instrument’s low cost, more musicians can afford to play a professional-level instrument. This violin is appropriate for all levels of musicians, from beginners to symphony players.

  • Fiddlerman Soloist Violin Review

The Soloist is Fiddlerman’s top-tier violin, and the workshop where it’s made has received multiple Violin Society of America accolades.

The instrument is professionally set up, as Fiddlerman personally tests, tunes, and adjusts it. Professional violinists with decades of experience are blown away by the Soloist, and many are even more so by the Soloist’s low price when compared to its exceptional quality and performance.

The wood used to make the violin has been aged for at least ten years, and it has a spruce top and a flamed maple back. It has an ebony fingerboard and a superb tuner in the Hill style for the E string.

Superior boxwood fittings and a Despiau bridge are also included. It has a gorgeous antique varnish that is done by hand, and it comes pre-installed with Dominant strings.

  • Sebastian Klotz Baroque Violin

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])Baroque music has its own distinct sound, which many violinists strive for in their performances. The center of Baroque music is a well-sustained sound that is generated as an airy arch of tones.

Few violin manufacturers build Baroque instruments in modern times, thus finding violins that generate these sounds is difficult. Those who do frequently charge a hefty price for their work.

The Sebastian Klotz replica model is a well-researched and meticulously planned instrument designed to give the sound that seasoned players demand. It has a highly accurate Baroque tone and is one of the most distinctive professional violins for sale. Its tone is generally clean, rich, and open, with a wide range.

This model is lacquered and handcrafted. It’s made of 20-year-old spruce that’s been naturally air-dried, with maple ribs, back, and scroll. The fingerboard, tailpiece, chin rest, and hand-carved pegs are all made of maple.

Best Violins for Kids

Although not all violins are available in lower sizes, this is an important consideration when purchasing a violin for a child. Violins for children should be small enough for them to play comfortably.

It’s also a good idea to look for models that come with high-quality accessories so you don’t have to spend as much money on your child’s first game. Cremona is a well-known brand of children’s violins.

They are a well-known brand in the student instrument market, and their versions are reasonably priced. Children’s violins are also made by Mendini and ADM.

The Cremona SV-175 is a traditional-looking child violin that is cheap and comes in a variety of sizes. It was “intended to fulfill the demands of beginning pupils,” according to Music Inc. Magazine.

The tonewoods for this Cremona violin have been picked with care, and the package includes a case, D’Addario Prelude strings, and a Brazilwood bow.

The Cremona SV- 130 or Cremona SV- 150 violins are also available at a lower price for parents or instructors searching for a more reasonable beginner violin. It is one of the brand’s best-selling models because of its simplicity, which attracts younger players. For beginner players who aren’t expecting all the bells and whistles, the quality is surprisingly good.

Another high-quality children’s violin is the Mendini MV300. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from full size to 1/32 scale. The outfit comes with a number of extras, such as an extra bridge and a set of strings, and it is available in a range of colors.

The ADM Violin is one of the most reasonably priced children’s violins on the market. This is useful for parents who are concerned about their child’s commitment or natural skill development.

Despite its modest price, it comes with a travel case, a horsehair bow, an extra bridge, extra strings, and rosin, among other things. It is one of the most comprehensive kid violin programs available.

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

Best Electric Violin

For charismatic performers and younger players who desire to draw more attention to their instruments, electric violins have become increasingly popular.

The best electric violins combine the thrill of a cool instrument with the playability of a traditional violin. While they are similar to acoustics in some aspects, an electric violin should not be expected to replace a regular violin.

Based on electric violin evaluations, expert opinions, and personal experiences, we’ve developed a list of some of the most outstanding electric versions.

The Cecilio CEVN-2BL 4/4 is a budget-friendly model that comes in a variety of colors. This Cecilio electric violin is crafted of hand-carved maple and features high-quality natural-material components.

The Yamaha SV-130 is, without a doubt, the best electric violin available. This Yamaha electric violin is fairly expensive, yet the quality is much beyond that of any cheap electric violin.

This model is better suited for professional players who want to get the most bang for their buck. Any Yamaha electric violin review will extol the instrument’s sonic qualities. Additionally, for those with more extensive demands, this model is mp3 compatible.

The body of the Fender FV-1 is built of spruce and maple, and it’s quite remarkable. It has a comparable feel to a normal acoustic and can accept a variety of string styles. This Fender electric violin also comes with high-quality parts and accessories.

The body of the Stagg EVN BK is made of solid maple and has a strong appearance. The Stagg electric violin, despite its low price, is better suited to individuals who do not have such lofty goals.

The ViolinSmart electric violin is one of the most distinctively designed versions on the market. The future electronic violin can produce a powerful sound and is also quite inexpensive. The bow, bridge, rosin, and headphones are all made of Mongolian horsehair.

Best Violin Brands


Due to their high-quality, long-lasting, and great-sounding instruments, Stentor is one of the most well-known violin companies on the market. Stentor violins are handcrafted, but they are nevertheless affordable for people on a budget.

They are one of the greatest violin makers when it comes to providing superior quality and tone in violins for beginners to advanced players. The Stentor II Violin is a low-cost instrument that instructors regularly recommend for its quality and sound.

With its remarkable tone, fine craftsmanship, and high-quality accessories, the Stentor Conservatoire violin is another of its best.

Best Stentor Violins

Choosing a violin for a starting student or a beginner’s parent might be a daunting task. You are making a large financial commitment to an instrument, and if you are unsure about what you want, you may find that you have overpaid for a low-quality instrument that sounds terrible and is practically built to break. With that in mind, we’ll be looking at some of the best Stentor violin instruments, which will be broken down and reviewed in a straightforward and simple manner so you can get the most bang for your buck.

On a global scale, Stentor is a well-known, leading manufacturer of student violins and orchestral stringed instruments. In fact, a Stentor violin is well-known for its value, stability, and dependability, and is frequently suggested by music teachers and music businesses. If you’re looking for a violin, keep in mind that a Stentor violin can take your student from their first beginner instrument all the way up to a professional level. Here are the top three ranked Stentor violins, all of which are ideal for the violin learner in your life.

  • Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])If you or your student is entirely new to violin practice and performance, the Stentor 1500 4/4 violin is a good choice. This gorgeous handcrafted violin has a fine-grained solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides and weighs only 4.2 pounds. Inlaid purfling, genuine ebony fittings, and a hardwood chin rest are also included. The red label strings have an aluminum tailpiece with four string adjusters and a nylon tailpiece loop, as well as a very sensitive string. The violin is lacquered in a warm brown color. An octagonal wood horsehair bow with an ebony frog is also included with the Stentor 1500 4/4. A highly lightweight canvas-covered bag is also included, as well as a much-needed instrument blanket and a super comfy outer shoulder rest pocket. Not to mention how simple and easy it is to transport this case to and from violin practice!

It is important to remember that this instrument is not suitable for intermediate or expert violin students. It is, nevertheless, the best “bang for your money” for a newbie. The sound quality and ease of use make it an excellent choice for students who are just starting started with the violin. The tone is exceptionally smooth and rich, particularly for a novice violin.

  • Stentor 1550 4/4 Violin

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])The Stentor 1550 4/4 violin is slightly heavier than the Stentor 1500 4/4 violin due to a modest weight differential. The Stentor 1550 is handcrafted from wonderfully figured solid tonewoods, including a fine-grained spruce top and flamed solid maple back and sides, and weighs roughly 5.6 lbs. Inlaid purfling, genuine ebony fittings, and a hardwood chin rest round out the instrument. The super-sensitive red label strings, an aluminum tailpiece (with four string adjusters), and a nylon tailpiece loop are all included. The violin is fully constructed and finished with a Shellac TM clear-coated lacquer finish in an exquisite deep red-brown color. A full mounted hardwood horsehair bow, a premium oblong box with an extra instrument blanket, and a shoulder rest compartment are all guaranteed with your new Stentor 1550.

This is a high-quality violin with a lovely tone! It resembles a professional violin significantly more than most beginner violins. The tone is great; it’s a little deeper in tune and less “sweet.” It’s also well-made and remains in tune, not to mention the fact that it comes with a good bow (unlike many “beginning” violin kits). The tuning is quite easy, and the violin is extremely clean and crisp. This is a lovely, gorgeous instrument that is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players. As the cost of violins rises in tandem with your violin student’s development and ability level, this is the ideal fiddle to aid in their development.

  • Stentor 1500 3/4 Violin

This lovely Stentor 1500 barely weighs 4 pounds! The exquisite violin is handcrafted with only the finest fine-grained solid spruce tops and solid maple back and sides and comes fully constructed. The Stentor 1500 also includes inlaid purfling, full ebony fittings, a hardwood chin rest, and extremely sensitive red label strings, as well as an aluminum tailpiece with four string adjusters and a nylon tailpiece loop. The beautiful instrument is similarly finished in a warm brown lacquer, and it comes with an octagonal wooden horsehair bow and an ebony frog. The lightweight canvas-covered case comes with an instrument blanket and an outside shoulder rest pocket, making it easy to transport. Because the Stentor 1500 34 violin is so light, it’s ideal for the musician in your life to transport to and from violin practice with ease.

The gloss on this violin is lovely, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Not to mention the fact that the bridge is firmly installed and the action is excellent. This violin has been described as ideal for those with some violin experience but hasn’t played in a few years; it’s also a fantastic violin for beginner-intermediate students. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking for a warmer, richer tone, you might find this tone quality to be a little subjective, and almost loud. This Stentor is ideal for a beginner-intermediate learner, but advanced students prefer warmer tones, therefore this one maybe a little too much for them. The Stentor 1500 also offers exceptional playability and comfort. Not to mention that you will not be dissatisfied with all of these features for the price.

Additional notes about Stentor Violins

Keep in mind that while the aforementioned Stentor violins all come fully equipped with a wonderful carrying case, bow, and instrument blanket, you may need to purchase other accessories in addition to the violin itself. Many people opt to modify their Stentor violin strings, as you can absolutely put top-of-the-line strings on this fantastic instrument to improve and increase the “out of the box” tone you’ll get. With that in mind, you will not be dissatisfied with any of these instruments, even if you use the stock strings and make no other adjustments.

Another hallmark of Stentor violins is that they are carved from only the finest solid tonewood (and yes, wood does matter!) and are uniquely thick for only the highest sound quality. Not to mention the fact that the bridge and soundpost on every Stentor violin are meticulously fitted to give the best possible playability. Take advantage of all the great quality that Stentor has to offer if you’re looking for the best and most cost-effective violin solution for the violin student in your life.


Mendini violins are designed to be affordable for young and inexperienced players. Unlike many other low-cost violin makers, Mendini instruments are inexpensive yet quite robust.

As a result, they’re popular among parents whose children have developed a new interest in playing. Despite the modest cost of many models, the quality of Mendini violins is also outstanding. The Mendini 4/4 MV300 and Mendini MV500 are two of the brand’s greatest models.

The Mendini MV300 is a low-cost model that comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The Mendini MV500 boasts a striking tone and appearance, as well as a string tuner and metronome.


Cecilio is a well-known violin brand that is well-known for its high-quality versions. Violinists of all levels adore their well-built instruments, as well as the high-quality bows that go with them.

To suit the demands of serious players, these instruments are additionally strung with D’Addario strings. The Cecilio CVN 300 and Cecilio CEVN 2BL are two of Cecilio’s most remarkable violins.

The Cecilio CVN 300 is a budget-friendly full-size violin that looks and sounds fantastic, even for experienced players. The Cecilio CEVN 2BL is a high-end electric guitar with a striking design and excellent tone.

Cremona Violins

Cremona violins are among the most popular starter types. Cremona violin makers create models in the traditional manner of good European violins, making it possibly the best violin brand in terms of fine craftsmanship.

When you buy a Cremona violin, you can anticipate a long-lasting instrument with a lovely clear tone. The Cremona SV-75, Cremona SV-150, and Cremona SV-175, are three excellent models from this company.

The Cremona SV-130 is a popular beginner model that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The Cremona SV-175 is made with high-quality timbers and strings, and it has a sound that even instructors like.

When it comes to buying a violin for a student or novice in your life, the overwhelming number of alternatives available may make you feel like a means to an end. With that in mind, there is one manufacturer in particular whose violins are remarkable not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of price. Look no farther than Cremona if you’re looking for a violin that’s ideal for a beginner or student. Here are the top three ranked Cremona violins, all of which are excellent choices for beginning violinists. And they’re all guaranteed not to cost you a fortune!

Best Cremona Violins 

  • Cremona SV 75

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])It’s no wonder that the Cremona SV 75 is one of the most popular school violins. The set includes a high-quality instrument, a super-protective hard-shell case, a bow, and top-of-the-line D’Addario Prelude strings made in the United States.

For the money, you get a high-quality instrument that comes with absolutely everything a student in your life needs to start learning the violin.

The magnificent Cremona SV 75’s fittings and woods are all hand-selected and elegantly carved of hand-carved spruce and maple, including a gorgeous inlaid purfling and superb workmanship, allowing this Cremona model to boast an impeccable reputation for both tone and value.

  • Cremona SV 150

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

The Cremona SV 150 violin, weighing only 1.1 pounds, is an extraordinary example of a violin whose quality and worth much above its price. The violin is carefully carved from the best solid tonewoods available (and yes, wood matters greatly). Along with superb workmanship for the best possible tone, which is all too frequently overlooked in terms of beginner violin craftsmanship.

The violin is also equipped with high-quality boxwood pegs, a composite tailpiece, and a chinrest, all of which contribute to the fact that not only does the violin sound fantastic, but it also has a refined appearance that is not typical of violins in this price range. Another fantastic aspect of this violin is that it is equipped with top-of-the-line D’Addario Prelude strings, which considerably increase the whole playing experience while showcasing only the best tone.

Each Cremona SV 150 violin comes with its own TL-33 case, which offers superior impact protection in a traditionally designed lightweight package. The violin also comes with an exceptionally high-quality J.LaSalle Brazilwood bow, which is guaranteed to elevate this already excellent set to the top of the list as one of the best in this price range!

  • Cremona SV 175

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])The Cremona SV 175 Premier Student Violin is developed primarily for starting and advanced violin students. The renowned beautifully selected tonewoods are used in the Cremona SV 175 guitar. And it’s made with the best materials available to provide a tone that’s simply unrivaled, especially for the price! In order to meet the fundamental NAFME / MENC criteria, each violin is fine-tuned as well. Not to mention the fact that each violin is coated with a beautiful translucent brown coat that allows the unique grain of the wood to shine through. 

Each Cremona SV 175 violin includes an updated Travelite oblong violin bag with a built-in hygrometer, as well as a gorgeous octagonal Brazilwood bow with an ebony frog and genuine horsehair!

Additional notes about Cremona Violins

You’ll notice that the finishes on each of the aforementioned Cremona student violins range from a warm transparent brown and red to an antique brown. Each finish is coated in many, thin layers to provide greater protection for the violin’s wood while also giving it an attractive, classical appearance. The necks are thoroughly lubricated as well, giving the player an unrivaled sense of comfort and elegance. Traditionally shaped boxwood and ebony hardwood fittings are used to provide appropriate intonation as well as overall ease of playability, which is very important for a novice. Cremona employs only the highest quality ebony for the fingerboards, which is known for its solidity and overall sense of smooth playability.

Of course, when it comes to beginners and students, money is a major consideration when determining which violin to purchase for a parent, instructor, or even a student. Which is one of the reasons why Cremona violins are so special. It is an uncommon occurrence that one may purchase an instrument at a truly inexpensive price while simultaneously receiving top-notch quality. And that is exactly what you will find when you choose a Cremona violin: a great price that is also accompanied by the highest quality tonewoods and not find yourself sacrificing the instrument’s tone or even its playability!

Cremona violins are also made in the United States, and all Premier Student Violins are hand-carved and fashioned to achieve only the finest and most balanced tones possible. With such meticulous attention to detail, the student may be confident that their instrument will guide them through the early stages of learning and will aid and assist them in their progress as they improve their playing skills.

Franz Hoffmann

One of the top starter violin brands is Franz Hoffmann. Instructors prefer these models because of their warm tone and projection, thus purchasing a Franz Hoffmann violin is usually a worthwhile investment.

The Franz Hoffmann Amadeus and Franz Hoffmann Etude 1/10 Violin are two of the company’s greatest models. The Franz Hoffmann Amadeus violin is a budget-friendly instrument designed to assist beginners to improve form and perform with ease.

The Franz Hoffmann Etude violin is a popular choice among students and their parents because of its excellent projection and full, clear tone.

Scott Cao

Scott Cao is regarded as one of the best violin manufacturers in the world, and his top-of-the-line instruments are utilized by soloists and symphony musicians all around the globe.

Any model sold under this label, from student to professional, will be of great quality. Even violin instructors admire Scott Cao violins for their superb tone and quality, according to any Scott Cao violin review.

The Scott Cao 1679 model is an excellent Scott Cao violin built in the Stradivari 1679 Hellier manner. The Scott Cao 1714 is a replica of the Stradivari 1714 Soil, which is considered one of the most famous violins ever constructed.


Knilling is a dependable violin maker with a 90-year history of producing violins for the North American market. They’re fairly priced and have been chosen for their tone and construction.

These instruments are crafted with high-quality European woods and string sets like D’Addario Prelude or Thomastik Dominant.

The Bucharest 4/4 and Sinfonia 4/4 models are two Knilling violins to look for. The Knilling Bucharest violin is composed of seasoned Bavarian spruce and maple, and its main selling factors are its playability and tone quality.

The Knilling Sinfonia is a high-quality violin that is well-built and delivers a flowing tone.


A Windsor violin is often a budget-friendly instrument aimed for beginning players and parents. The low cost is due to the fact that many of the models are mass-produced.

These violins may not be adequate for individuals who wish to upgrade to more advanced models, but they will suffice for young pupils who are just learning to play. The most spectacular models are the Windsor SVO34 3/4 and Windsor SVO44 4/4.

The SVO34 3/4 is a budget-friendly student violin in a convenient size, while the full-size SVO44 4/4 model is equally budget-friendly and comes with rosin, a carrying case, and a real horsehair bow.


Primavera is one of the best violin brands for students who are just getting started with the instrument. Their product line includes versions that are less expensive but have components found on more expensive and complex instruments.

The Primavera Prima 200 and Primavera Prima Loreato are two of the best Primavera violins available. Many stores choose the Primavera Prima 200 because of its longevity and low price, while the Primavera Prima Loreato is a great hand-crafted model designed for serious students.

It’s the most completed and detailed model in the Primavera student collection.

D Z Strad

D Z Strad completes the list of violin brands with their various models that are made of high-quality materials and have a great tone.

Two of the brand’s top violins are the D Z Strad Model 101 and D Z Model 601F 4/4 violins. The Model 101 is a popular choice among teachers and students because of its playability, tone, and feel, which all help pupils stay motivated by allowing them to play regularly.

The Model 601F is made by hand from high-quality materials, resulting in an open, refined sound. The tone of the 601F, according to one D Z Strad violin review, is “unbelievably clean and rich.”

What is a Violin?

A violin is a stringed instrument that is traditionally played with a bow. The body, fingerboard, strings, and bridge are the primary components.

Many of the qualities of these instruments have remained unchanged throughout history. Violins of high quality take years to make and are fashioned from the finest woods and natural materials available.

They can cost anywhere from less than $100 to thousands of dollars due to the skill and natural materials used to create them.

Violins, like many other instruments, can be played by both youngsters and adults. They can be made in both conventional acoustic and modern electric versions.

Different Types of Violins Available

Violins for Kids

Children’s violins are distinct in that they are often smaller in size and have fewer features. They are not normally manufactured with the finest quality in mind, unlike ordinary models.

Violins for children are smaller, although they are available in a variety of sizes. It’s critical to get the size right in order for the child to be able to play comfortably. This can be determined by comparing the length of the arm to the size of the instrument.

When it comes to distinguishing between adult and child models, violin descriptions can be deceiving, but there are a few great brands that provide affordable violins for kids with accessories.

The amount you spend on a violin for a child will be determined by their ability level, your personal budget, and their commitment to playing.

Instructors and other players may add opinions, but it takes personal discretion to decide how much to spend.

Violins for Students and Beginners

The most popular type of violin acquired by new customers is a student violin. Beginner violins are designed for musicians who want to learn but aren’t sure if they’ll keep playing in the future.

When compared to more complex versions, expect a lower tone quality, and they frequently require the user to set up the violin components on their own. They may be more difficult to play easily when compared to professional models.

Student violins are constructed from lower-quality woods and use less handcrafting throughout the carving, assembly, and finishing processes than advanced violins.

Plastic elements, such as pegs and chin rests, may be found on these violins, as well as lower-quality accessories.

The benefit is that they are far less expensive in contrast.

Violins for Intermediate Players

Intermediate violins have more capabilities and playability than student violins, although they are still not as good as professional violins.

They are useful for filling in the gaps for players who have progressed beyond amateur status but are still far from mastering the violin at an expert level.

Intermediate violins are purchased when a player wishes to advance beyond the capabilities of the beginner instrument or has already done so.

They are less expensive than professional models, and they are appropriate for those who do not require expert models for performance or professional reasons.

People who purchase intermediate violins are those who want to keep improving their skills. Some violin makers, as well as shops and stores, ignore this category entirely, focusing solely on student and professional violins.

It is a vital category for players who have a strong enthusiasm for the violin and have advanced their skills but are unable to afford the thousands of dollars required to purchase a professional violin.

Violins for Professionals

Professional violins are unquestionably the pinnacle of the instrument, and most players aspire to own one. They are the models that the most dedicated players, performers, educators, and other professionals look to for guidance.

They deliver the greatest sound without requiring as much effort as lower-end versions. When a player has years of experience and has outgrown lower-level violins, intermediate violins are purchased.

They’re also bought when a player requires a dependable instrument for a performance.

At the professional level, there are many different types of violins, and many of them allow the player to create a sound that is distinct from regular models. This isn’t something you’ll see with a beginner or intermediate violin.

Professional violins are the most expensive since they are handcrafted and built by master luthiers from the highest grade aged wood with natural components and accessories.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Violin


Inquire with other players, instructors, or family violinists about their favorite varieties of violins and accessories to play and buy.

Because of the quality, they may expect in each instrument, many players and their circles prefer particular brands over others. Determine who makes the violin and where it is made before making a purchase.

Traditional European workshops produce the best violins in the world. There is a lengthy tradition of violin manufacture, as well as access to the finest timbers on the planet.

More well-known brands attract more customers who are willing to offer their thoughts through product reviews. This allows you to learn about the manufacturer’s history and reputation for creating instruments.


The type of wood used to make a violin has a significant impact on the instrument’s ultimate tone. Maple and spruce are the most common woods used in traditional violins, and most violin makers use this mix.

The violin’s top is commonly composed of spruce, with flamed maple for the back, sides, and neck.

Ebony is used for other parts such as the chin rest, pegs, fingerboard, and tailpiece.

Because wood shrinks and expands in response to changes in temperature and humidity, wood for violins must be cured naturally in the open.

Allowing it to dry in the open air exposes it to natural weather conditions. Because the wood has altered over time and reacted to the variations, the final violin will not have cracks in its wood.


Although most people prefer to buy new violins, there are certain advantages to using older models. You can avoid the expenditures of purchasing a new violin if the violin is borrowed or given as a gift.

It is commonly known that a violin needs time to develop its real tone, thus having an instrument that has been played for many years can be beneficial.

Newer versions may include technical advancements that make playing and improving your talent easier or more fun.

There’s also the thrill of hearing the instrument’s improved sound when it finally comes to fruition. With a violin that is currently in use, this alteration has already occurred.

Tone and Sound

The sound of the violin is arguably the most important element, aside from comfort and playability. It’s pointless to play any musical instrument if you don’t like the sound it generates.

When playing the violin, be sure there are no undertones or buzzing effects. The greatest violin should be able to provide you the projection and tone you require. An excellent violin will generate a lovely tone, but some players want much more.

Some players like a violin that produces a specific sound, so you may wish to invest in a customized model that produces the sound you want.

Depending on how they play, some people have a general taste for tones that are more mellow, warm, or brilliant.

Setup and Package

The majority of high-end violins will arrive fully prepared and set up. For fluid playing, your violin’s chin rest, pegs, strings, and bridge should all be well-fitting.

You should be able to play each string independently of the others. If this isn’t the case, your bridge will very certainly need to be adjusted.

The pegs should be tightly wound, the neck should be at a straight angle, and each string should be able to be pressed all the way down to the bridge.

These components can be modified at a violin shop, but it’s far easier to have a model set up and ready to play right away.

The rosin should be simple to use and make a significant difference in your ability to generate a good sound. Some types have a chin rest or strings, which should be functional and useful.

You can always buy your own attachments and combine them with the provided parts, although this increases the instrument’s overall cost.


Oil varnish is commonly used to polish high-quality violins. This type is applied using a brush by hand, and it is applied in multiple coats.

Unlike nitro varnish, oil varnish is applied one layer at a time, sometimes even one day at a time, to allow each layer to cure completely.

It has far superior long-term resistance, and the oil varnish is flexible enough to tolerate any dimensional changes in the violin’s body.


A violin’s color can add to its aesthetic appeal and overall attractiveness. Due to the wood and/or varnish used, most violins have a brown or red-brown color.

Colored violins are preferred by some players for their more dynamic appearance, and this is even more frequent for electric models.

Black violins, like red, green, orange, and blue violins, are known for their distinctive shapes.

White violins are more conventional and refined, yet they may also be outlandish in appearance.


Violins come in a variety of sizes to accommodate violinists of all sizes and ages. Extend your arm and measure the length from your neck to the center of your hand to determine the correct violin size.

A full-size violin is required for most adults. A half-size or smaller violin may be required for children and smaller people. Arm length will, in general, correlate to the size of the instrument:

Arm LengthViolin Size
Over 23″4/4 violin
22″3/4 size violin
20″1/2 size violin
18″1/4 violin
16″1/8 violin
15″1/10 violin
14″1/16 violin


The price is an important factor for those looking for the best instrument, but it is also important for those shopping within a budget.

The difference in price between most models is the quality of the wood used in construction, the workmanship of the model, and the initial setup.

The more carefully a violin is constructed, the better the sound. With better sound comes a higher price tag. The price will also be increased with add-ons, adjustments, services, and replacement parts.

Tips on Choosing the Best Violin

  • Decide if you want to buy or rent ahead of time. The age and ability level of the player will influence whether you buy or rent the instrument. This is a crucial decision to make ahead of time because it will most likely influence the type and quality of violin you choose.
  • Bring a second violinist with you. Having a second opinion (especially from someone with more experience or advanced knowledge of how to buy a violin) will help you avoid models you don’t need in order to get the most out of your investment.
  • Examine the construction’s quality. A violin’s quality can be determined by a number of things. You should inspect any model you’re interested in for cracks, warps, weak places, off-center components, and other flaws.
  • Try it out before you buy it if at all feasible. Never buy a violin without first trying it out and comparing it to other models. You could even be able to practice with your own bow in a practice room. Even if you’re buying online, go to a local violin shop to try out your model.
  • As much as possible, put the sound to the test. It’s helpful to have a second set of ears to provide feedback on stuff you can’t hear. A violin’s projection is better judged from a distance, thus having input in that area is crucial.
  • Take it first to your house. Many violin stores can loan you a model for a week or longer. You might be able to go to several stores and evaluate models at home before making a purchase.

Violin Parts and Accessories

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

Violin Cases

The best violin case is obviously one that will do the best job of protecting your instrument, but there are a number of aspects that come into play.

When it comes to security, features, and weight, you should align your goals when choosing a case. Extra suspension and cushioning, weatherproofing, and durability are all features of the best violin cases.

Some even come in eye-catching colors for added appeal. The Stylus 5001S Bam violin case and the Featherlite 1003 Bobelock violin case are two cases we recommend that offer these features.

Violin Strings

Material, gauge, pricing, and brand are all factors to consider when selecting the best violin strings. The optimum strings for violinists will be determined by their ability level and the tone they want to achieve.

Violin strings come in a variety of thicknesses and tensions. Thin violin strings produce a brighter sound, but thick violin strings produce a louder, more focused sound. The Pirastro Evah Pirazzi violin strings have a synthetic core and give a strong sound while being easy to play.

They come in three different thicknesses: thin, medium, and thick. Steel-core strings with a pleasant sound, D’Addario Helicore violin strings are made by D’Addario. Due to their winding arrangement, they are extremely responsive and emit distinct overtones.

Violin Bows

The most crucial components of a violin bow must be considered while choosing the best violin bow. The stick and hair material, as well as the weight, shape, and sound quality, are all factors to consider.

Testing violins necessitates bringing a bow, but testing bows necessitates bringing the violin you intend to play to the shop and trying out different bow models before making a decision. The Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4 is one of the greatest violin bows on the market because it strikes a good mix between quality and price.

Improved form and execution are possible thanks to the weight and material, which is especially crucial for beginner players.

Best Violin Reviews & Best Violin Brands For Sale ([year])

Violin Rosin

You should choose whether you want more grip and traction (dark rosin) or a smoother glide (light rosin) (light rosin). It should be simple to apply good rosin because it should make a substantial difference in your ability to play your instrument.

The best violin rosin is soft enough to use right away and resistant to fracturing. Rosins of higher quality leaves less residue, and the best violin rosin takes into account a person’s specific circumstances, such as their strings, sound preferences, and temperature.

Petz VP-054V Light Rosin and Andrea Vienna Rosin are two high-quality rosin products.

New Violins vs Used Violins

If you’re a first-time buyer, you’ve definitely seen online disputes regarding whether new or used violins are better for beginners.

Both new and antique violins have advantages and disadvantages, just like any other aspect of purchasing a new instrument.

When a player first picks up a brand new instrument, they are ecstatic. A modern violin will appear new, with no signs of wear, chipping, or cracks. It should be simple to set up, enjoyable to play, and responsive.

A new violin will improve over time as it is broken in through frequent play and the aging of its wood. With a new violin, you’re less likely to need frequent repairs or notice a dramatic deterioration of the instrument’s beauty.

A secondhand violin can be just as good as a new violin. When exposed to environmental changes, the wood will be less prone to bend because it has already matured.

Due to age and the habit of making modern violins sound louder, many older used violins generate more mellow tones. The decision to buy a new or used violin is ultimately up to the buyer, although the owner and staff here all think that buying newer is preferable in the long term.

Violin FAQ

Is it necessary to rehair my bow on a regular basis?

Some players need to rehair their bows twice a year (or every six months), while others can go up to 18 months between rehairings. The frequency with which a player needs to do this is determined by how much wear their hair receives as a result of their playing.

What size violin should a year old have?

Children play violins of various sizes, but the appropriate size is not solely determined by the child’s age. To achieve a correct fit, the arms of the infant must be measured. If you only consider age, you can end up with a model who is overly big, which will stifle his or her development.

My violin has been harmed. What can I do about it?

Violins are valuable handcrafted works of art created from natural materials. It’s never a good idea to try to fix a significant problem on your own. If your instrument requires extensive repairs, you should take it to a violin shop to be repaired by an expert.

What is the best way to store my violin?

When not in use, store your violin safely. Never leave it in areas with high humidity or excessive temperatures. Always put it in a chair or on the floor with the string side up so it doesn’t get sat on or walked on. Consider purchasing a violin wall hanger if you prefer to keep your violin close at hand.

Where to Buy Violins

Violins are among the world’s oldest, most traditional, most well-known instruments, and they may be bought and owned almost anywhere.

Many individuals prefer to buy their instruments in stores and shops because they are within easy reach after trying and testing favored models.

What’s the trick to getting a good deal on a violin? Buying violins online can frequently be a considerably more cost-effective option, despite the need to wait for delivery. You can order your violin whenever you need it and save a lot of money.

The finest violin to buy is the one that best matches your needs, and those buying on a budget will want to take advantage of discounted costs. A violin’s price can rise if it needs to be professionally set up or if you need to acquire your own accessories.

Manufacturers and internet retailers like Amazon sell popular fiddles at far lower prices than violin shops. Another advantage is the chance to compare more models than those available in your immediate neighborhood.

Making the Decision

When it comes to buying a new violin, there is an almost limitless amount of information available. Sorting through this information might be difficult enough for veteran players, but it can be entirely overwhelming for newcomers.

Hopefully, the information provided here has made the process of purchasing a violin a little easier.

It’s crucial to understand the most vital features of owning a violin, thus every player should search for the same basic characteristics before deciding on a violin.

The model must be able to make a nice sound, be easy to maneuver, and play. Many customers have unique situations that necessitate looking for certain features in a new instrument.

Some of the participants are aspiring players or the parents of young amateurs. Others are intermediate and advanced gamers looking for models that will assist them to improve their skills while being appropriate for their present ability level. Few others are interested in trying out electric vehicles.

You should now have a greater knowledge of the aspects that go into selecting a wonderful violin, as well as how to select one that is right for you.

As your or your child’s skill level improves, you’ll have a variety of information to draw on to figure out how to progress up the violin ladder.

Violins can be costly, but many internet stores offer discounts on these and other models.

Take into account all of your possibilities and utilize this approach to help you narrow down your options. Now that you know how to make an informed decision, start trying out instruments right away so you can start playing right away.     

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