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Mary Had a Little Lamb (Kalimba Tab)

Want to find the Mary Had a Little Lamb Kalimba tab so you can play it? Here it is!

Lowell Martin’s composition Mary had a little lamb is a popular children’s nursery rhyme. The song is inspired by a true story about Mary Elizabeth Sawyer. Mary was born in 1806 on a Scottish farm, and she had a pet lamb whom she adored. The song is commonly taught to children as early as kindergarten, and it is both relaxing and enjoyable for them to sing along to.

The simple melody is one of the best options for introducing your child to music because it is so easy to pick up. When played on the kalimba, the instrument adds to the soothing melody, which can be used to help you and your children relax after a long day.

This kalimba tab is suitable for any beginner, and it is then repeated once you have mastered the first two lines. You’ll be able to sing along once you’ve adjusted to the changes. Before bedtime, kids enjoy a good nursery rhyme, and when played on the kalimba, it has a dramatic calming effect.


Kalimba Tab – Mary Had a Little Lamb


E    D   C   D E  E    E      D   D   D      E   E    E

Ma-ry had a lit-tle lamb,  lit-tle lamb, lit-tle lamb. 

E    D   C   D E  E    E       E    D       D      E      D   C

Ma-ry had a lit-tle lamb, Its fleece was white as snow.

E    D   C       D     E   E    E      D   D    D      E    E    E 

Every-where that Ma-ry went, Ma-ry went, Ma-ry went. 

E    D   C        D     E   E   E       E    D       D      E   D   C

Every-where that Ma-ry went, the lamb was sure to go.

Mary Had a Little Lamb FAQs

Who is Mary Had a Little Lamb’s singer?

In December 2015, the song Mary Had A Little Lamb from the album Nursery Rhymes Collection Vol 3 was released. The song lasts for 02:00 minutes. Elena Moreno performs this song.

What is the story behind the poem Mary Had a Little Lamb?

Mary Had a Little Lamb is a story about a little lamb named Mary. “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is a lovely children’s rhyme that tells the story of a girl who takes her lamb to school one day.

Sakari Oramo